Adult Toys Cost More Money, So Make Sure They’re Insured

You might think toys are only for children. However, at Stevens Insurance, serving Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding region, we know this isn’t the case. We insure adult motorized toys. If you have a big kid "toy," you’ll need big kid protection from a company like ours.  

Why Protect Your Toys 

When you were little, you probably had at least one toy that was stolen or broken. And in many cases, it might’ve not been your fault. Even if it was your fault, you probably were upset it happened and wished you could’ve found a way to protect your possession better. 

As an adult, you can take the necessary steps to protect your toy if something should happen to it, whether it was your fault or not. Our coverage allows you to pay a small, regular fee to cover the cost to replace your toy if something should happen to it or it would need to be repaired. This is especially important if you don’t have the resources to repair or replace your toy. You don’t want to be left without a toy to play with, especially if you ride with others.  

Adult toys are much more expensive to replace than a majority of toys you had as a child, even sometimes when they’re all combined. If you don’t have the financial capability to replace or repair a toy if somebody should happen to damage or steal it or if you should happen to wreck it, you could find yourself out the money you paid for the toy, and you won’t have anything to ride until you’re able to replace it. 

Insurance helps to cover your toys, so you’re not out the money and are able to continue to ride.  To get a quote for insurance from Stevens Insurance, serving Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding area, contact us today by calling 702-648-9689. 

How to Stay Safe On Your Motorized Desert Toys

Las Vegas, NV is home to some of the purest desert spaces available. Many residents love to spend their time enjoying the dunes and playas on their ATVs, 4-wheelers, and other motorized toys. Use these tips to keep yourself and your property safe while you play.

  • Always wear safety gear. Goggles, helmets, and gloves protect you from dangerous falls and flying objects.
  • Cover your skin. Wear long sleeves and pants to protect your body if you slide out or take a tumble.
  • Make sure your toy insurance is up-to-date. The professionals at Stevens Insurance can help you find the right policies to protect your ATVs and other motorized toys.
  • Check your equipment before you ride. Make sure the tires are fully inflated and in good condition, and that the brakes are in working order.
  • Most ATVs are not made for multiple people, no matter how small or thin.
  • Walk the area you intend to ride. Check for dips, depressions, rocks, or other things that could cause you to lose your stability while riding.
  • Children under the age of 16 should never be allowed to operate any motorized toy.
  • Most motorized toys are designed to be driven off-road. Driving on paved surfaces can be dangerous. If you must drive over a paved surface, practice caution and never speed.
  • Take a safety course before heading out to enjoy your equipment.

Following these tips will reduce the likelihood of experiencing catastrophic accidents or injuries. The experts at Stevens Insurance are here to help outdoor enthusiasts in the Las Vegas, NV area protect their desert toys. Contact us to find out how toy insurance can help you enjoy your recreational time even more.

What Does Comprehensive Coverage Include in an RV Policy?

Do you live in Las Vegas, NV and own an RV? A bit confused about how comprehensive coverage works and why you need it? Our wonderful team at Stevens Insurance has put together this guide to help you understand.

What Does Comprehensive Coverage Include on My RV Policy?

Comprehensive insurance coverage on an RV policy is nearly identical to that on a regular automobile policy. Fire, theft, vandalism, hail, wind, falling objects, and other weather are all examples of incidents that would be included under comprehensive coverage. Basically, anything not involving a collision falls under this section of your insurance policy.

(The only exception to this is hitting a deer or other animal, which is still deemed comprehensive and not collision.)

Why Should I Get Comprehensive Insurance Coverage?

When you’re traveling in an RV or motorhome across the country, you never know what will happen. Furthermore, if your RV is in storage here at home, it can still become damaged due to weather or vandalism. Thus, it is very important to protect your investment in your vehicle by having this type of coverage on your policy.

Is Comprehensive Coverage Required?

While comprehensive insurance coverage is not required by law, it might be non-negotiable if you are still making payments on your RV and you have a loan. However, it is still a very good idea to include it as part of your insurance policy to protect you in case of a disaster, as outlined above.

How Much of a Deductible Will My Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Have?

Just like with auto and home policies, deductibles are chosen by you when you start the policy. Work with your agent to select a level that best suits your financial abilities and needs.

Need more information on RV insurance? Contact Stevens Insurance in Las Vegas, NV today for your no-obligation quote.

Does Condo Insurance Cover Renters?

In Las Vegas, NV, it is not uncommon for people to rent out their condos. As such, Stevens Insurance is often asked whether their condo insurance covers either short-term or long-term renters. Here is some information you need to know before you rent your condo out.

Short-Term Renters

If you are looking to rent your condo out for brief periods of time, such as a vacation rental, you will likely need a business insurance policy. However, as short term rentals are becoming more popular, many insurance companies are beginning to roll short term rental policies up into condo insurance or home insurance policies as requested. As such, you may be able to cover short term renters under your condo insurance policy if you have the right policy in place. You will need a specific type to cover short term renters and if you do not have this, these renters are not covered.

Long-Term Renters

Long term renters are not covered under your condo insurance. They will need to obtain renters insurance in order to be covered. Typically, any person staying 30 days or longer is considered to be a long term renter in your home. There may be exclusions to this, such as if you are renting to a family member or if you are having a friend stay in your residence while you travel out of the area for a month or longer. However, it is wise to talk to an insurance agent and see if you qualify for these exclusions instead of assuming you do. Most people will need renters insurance when staying or renting a condo for a long period of time.

If you are looking to obtain a new condo insurance policy in the greater Las Vegas, NV area, Stevens Insurance would love to help. Contact us today with any questions you have or to obtain a price quote.

Reasons to Get Insurance Even if You Rent

Far too often, people in the Las Vegas, NV area think if they don’t own their home, they don’t need insurance. However, this concept puts people who rent at risk of losing out in the event of an incident such as theft or a storm occurs. At Stevens Insurance, we offer policies designed to accommodate the specific needs of renters. 

1. It Covers Personal Property

Much of what you have invested into your home is probably your personal property. Fortunately, you can protect all of your property in the event something happens by having a renters insurance policy. Keep in mind, you can purchase additional coverage for your property that covers in the event of incidents that pertain to your needs such as flooding. 

2. It Provides Liability Coverage

Don’t think just because you rent, you aren’t responsible for your actions. Renters coverage protects if somebody should get hurt while they’re in your home. It also protects if you should happen to hurt someone. 

3. It May Cover You When You Travel

If you’re going on a vacation or a business trip, your renters insurance policy comes in handy. For instance, if your belongings are stolen while you’re traveling anywhere in the world, they’re covered.

4. It’s Sometimes Required

Your landlord may require you have renters insurance in the event something happens. This takes the burden off of the landlord, especially if an incident should happen to be your fault, and it protects the landlord from being responsible for your possessions. 

If you don’t want stuck footing the entire bill to replace your damaged property or someone else’s, it’s a smart idea to have a policy to cover yourself even if you rent. Contact Stevens Insurance, serving Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding area, at 702-648-9689.

Tips for New Boaters

You have your new boat, and you’re ready to take it out on the lake in the Las Vegas, NV area for the first time. To avoid some novice mistakes, here are several tips to help you have a successful and safe voyage.

  • Be sure that someone not going on the trip knows your boating plans and expected arrival time in case something goes wrong.
  • Seal your keys, wallet, and cell phone in a Ziploc baggie to avoid water damage.
  • Check the weather early and throughout the trip, and be ready to change your plans if the weather is bad.
  • Practice backing your boat on the trailer if you’re new before you head down to boat launch ramp.
  • Go slow when docking or loading the boat and you’ll look like a pro!
  • Don’t overload the boat and don’t over pack for your trip.
  • Boating can be disorienting, so know your landmarks or use the GPS.  If using a GPS, know the functions before taking off.
  • Ensure that you have all the required safety equipment on board
  • Check the anchor rod and chain are not tangled up in case you need a fast deployment.
  • Find a life vest that is comfortable, and wear it.
  • Bring plenty of skin protection, bug repellant, and overdress because you can always take items off. 
  • Bring extra snacks and things to drink just in case your boat breaks down, and you’re stranded for hours.
  • Have someone else that can drive a boat in case you have an emergency.

Stevens Insurance

Contact an agent at Stevens Insurance in the Las Vegas, NV area to help you with your boat insurance policy options. We have knowledge of the area, boating, and we can save you time by finding the coverage to protect your investment.

How Could Renovations Affect Your Home Insurance?

You’re finally going to do it. You’re renovating your home. You and your spouse have all of the plans ready. You’ll start in the kitchen, create a backsplash, install new cabinets, and you’ll finish with a fire pit in the backyard. You’re ready to start, but there’s one thing you didn’t consider: how will this affect your home insurance? 

Home renovations may have the following impacts on your home insurance: 

  • You may need to increase your homeowner policy limits. If your house went up in value it may now exceed the limits of your homeowner policy. This could leave you without the insurance coverage you need if your property is damaged or destroyed. Before you start your renovations, consult with the trusted, knowledgeable insurance specialists at Stevens Insurance in Las Vegas, NV. 
  • You may be able to negotiate a lower rate if you replaced the roof. After you complete repairs and especially if you install a new roof, you need to contact your home insurance company. New roofs will provide better protection from mother nature and likely will extend the life of your home. Your insurance company will recognize this and may be willing to lower your rates after your project is complete. 
  • You may need to increase the personal property limits. When you renovate, you likely will buy more than siding and roofing materials. If you purchase an expensive TV, pool table, or other valuables, make sure you increase your personal property limits, so they’re protected in the case of a disaster. 

If you live in or around Las Vegas, NV, you need an insurance company you can trust. You need to contact Stevens Insurance. Give them a call today at (702) 648-9689 and see what they can do for you. 


Packing to Drive Cross Country

Nothing can be more fun that driving across the country. The gleeful scream of "Road Trip", no matter what your age, can bring delight. It’s an adventure, but with some good packing tips trying to find something in the car, doesn’t have to be an adventure. It’s more than just grabbing a go bag.

First, know what your journey will be. Are you visiting many states and seeing as much as possible in the way of tourist and vacation areas? Or are you driving simply to reach a destination like a new job or a college? Will you travel and arrive at a destination that you will stay at long term? Or will you simply travel for a few weeks and then return home?

Now comes the math that sounds like a bad SAT math word problem.Take the size of your vehicle, the number of people and animals who are going to ride it, and what you want to accomplish and make sure you have room to accommodate all your needs. Before you pack, estimate how many bags or pieces of luggage your vehicle can safely transport so you can persuade the passengers of how much or little to pack.

Food and drinks. Let’s face it there are convenience stops along the way, but the prices can be astronomical. Try to find snacks that are fun as well as healthy. A cooler tucked in an easy to access place can make a drive more pleasant.   

Bring audio books, music and other kinds of entertainment, and not just for the kids.

An often overlooked item is a basic first aid kit. Those cooler ice packs can double as first aid ice packs. 

Call Stevens Insurance serving Las Vegas, NV for auto travel insurance advice.

Should You Use Your Home Insurance Deductible for a Repair?

Have you ever had a tree fall on your property? Or a fire get out of hand? If you live in Las Vegas, NV and are a customer at Stevens Insurance, you might have called your agent to find out what you should do. To file a claim or repair it yourself, that is the question.

Evaluating the Level of Damage

Your first instinct—after photographing the damage in case you do end up filing a claim—should be to examine how much damage has occurred. Is your house severely damaged? Is your car incapacitated? If the answer is “no” to these questions, your next step is to look at how much it might cost to repair. Can you do the repair yourself? If yes, the level of damage is probably not catastrophic, and you can avoid cashing in on your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

When to Repair It on Your Own

The important thing to consider when making this decision is the cost of the deductible and how much your monthly premiums will go up. For example, if a tree falls across a fence from the neighbor’s yard but does no further damage to your property, paying even a low deductible is not worth it because your premiums will simultaneously increase. The cost of a new fence is low compared to the cost of replacing an entire house. The premium increase is worth it, for example, when you’re avoiding $100,000 out of pocket to rebuild an entire home. A premium increase is not worth it when you’re only paying $3,000 to install a new fence. 

If you live in Las Vegas, NV and have experienced damage to your property, call Stevens Insurance for an estimate on the repairs and premium increases. You will probably find that in the event of minor damage, making the repair yourself is more cost effective.

Pave the Way with a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Six teens die every day because of motor vehicle accidents. The risk of automobile accidents is higher for teens than any other age group. In fact, teen drivers, ages 16 to 19, are almost three times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than their older counterparts. With these sobering statistics in mind, Stevens Insurance recommends than parents create a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement to keep all drivers safe not only in Las Vegas, NV but nationwide as well.

Being a good driver and following the rules of the road yourself, being a passenger while your teen drives, and having regular conversations about driving safety all work together to ensure that your teen makes the right decisions when they get behind the wheel.

But there is another simple step you can take to help ensure your child’s safety, a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement. This agreement is a contract that puts your family’s rules and expectations in writing, clearly defining expectations and limits, while also laying out the consequences for breaking the rules.

Working with your teen to create the Parent-Teen Driving Agreement will give them an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns. It also gives them an opportunity to question why certain rules are in place. By working together and jointly setting up the limits and expectations, it’s more likely that your teen will then follow the agreed upon rules.

Keep the agreement posted on the fridge and update it often, increasing privileges as your teen gains experience. It’s a great way to frequently discuss the importance of driving rules and safety.

If you want more ideas of what you can do to keep your teen driver safe, or if you are looking for high-quality insurance coverage in the Las Vegas, NV area, call Stevens Insurance. One of our independent representatives will work with you to find the best options for you and your teen driver.