Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle can be a very fun recreational vehicle but is also an important asset that needs to be properly covered by insurance.  For those that are in the Las Vegas, NV area, there are a number of benefits that come by having motorcycle insurance.  

Compliance with Law

The first benefit that comes with having motorcycle insurance is that it will help you to stay compliant with the law.  Similar to having auto insurance, all people in Nevada are required to have some level of insurance coverage if they drive a motorcycle.  In Nevada, all motorcycle will need to have minimum property damage liability insurance of at least $10,000 per accident.  On top of that, they will also need to have minimum bodily injury coverage for $15,000 per persona in one accident with at least a $30,000 limit per accident.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

When you only have the motorcycle insurance coverage that is required by law, your coverage will be limited to liability and will provide you with no protection for your injuries or motorcycle.  When you choose to get a policy with more coverage, virtually any scenario could cover your motorcycle.  When you are getting a full policy, you will receive collision and comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage.  This will protect you and your motorcycle against losses associated with an accident that you are at fault in, theft, vandalism, and even an accident involving an animal. 

For those that are in the Las Vegas, NV area, making sure that you have the right type and amount of motorcycle insurance is very important.  To ensure you are properly covered, meeting with the Stevens Insurance agency would be very beneficial.  Stevens Insurance is a leading consumer focused insurance agency that could help you to better understand your insurance needs.