Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a huge problem. In the United States, millions of people are injured in car accidents due to this growing epidemic. Stevens Insurance knows that you must pay attention when you’re behind the wheel in order to keep you and your passengers safe.

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones are one of the biggest driving distractions. In Las Vegas NV, you could be fined up to $250 or more if you are caught on your cell phone while you’re driving. This includes talking, texting, and using the internet. There are a few exceptions.

  • If you are calling for help or reporting a crime
  • When you use a voice-activated navigation system
  • If you have a license to use a two-way radio
  • If you are law enforcement or part of an emergency medical team

Other Types of Distractions and How to Avoid Them

  • Eating – Eat your meal before you enter the vehicle. It’s also a good way to keep your vehicle clean. If you’re going to pick up something from a fast food restaurant, hold off on snacking no matter how good the fries smell.
  • Drinking – Spilling a hot cup of coffee on your lap could cause you to jump into another traffic lane or run into a solid object, like a mailbox or telephone pole.
  • Makeup – Wake up a few minutes earlier if you need to apply your makeup. The rearview mirror was not meant for eyeliner application.
  • Radio and CD player – Switching the radio station or changing a CD is a distraction. Wait until you are at a complete stop before rearranging your music selection.

Stevens Insurance in Las Vegas, NV has independent insurance agents that are willing to offer you advice on modifying your auto coverage to accommodate your needs. These agents are experts that can also help you with coverage that affects your home, life, or business.


How the dry climate affects your car in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV is definitely a car town. There’s a whole lot of fun stuff to do here even if you have absolutely no interest in gambling whatsoever, but the spread-out, deserty nature of the city means you can’t really enjoy it if you’re spending all your time waiting on buses and ubers.

If you drive in Las Vegas, NV, though, then you need to be aware of how the climate affects a car. The dry air, the sun, and the sand can all wreak havoc on the most durable of autos.

Much of the damage you see will be cosmetic, you won’t have to make a claim on your policy through Stevens Insurance over the day-to-day wear and tear you see on your car’s exterior. Excessive sun can cause a fresh coat to fade very quickly, while the sand combined with the dry air will cause chipping and cracking without regular maintenance.

One of the best ways to keep your car in good condition no matter the climate is to keep a fresh coat of wax on the ride, and to make sure that you clean it regularly to ensure that sand isn’t allowed to collect on the surface and scratch away at the top coat. A lighter colored car will also suffer less damage from the sun.

If you really let your car go, you can see serious damage to your brake pads due to excess sand, but it’s unlikely this will lead to needing to make a claim through Stevens Insurance. With proper maintenance and cleaning, your car can withstand the worst conditions Las Vegas can throw at it.

Top Hidden Home Insurance Credits

If you are on the market for a home insurance policy, make sure you take the time to review your policy with your insurance agent to ensure you are not missing out on hidden savings. Here are the top hidden credits for home insurance.

Gated Community

In the Las Vegas, NV area there are an abundance of gated communities and if you live in one, you may be able to reduce your premium. Insurers view gated communities as an extra level of security reducing the chances of a burglary. You can see a 5%-20% savings.

Recent Renovations

If you have recently renovated your home, you may be eligible for a credit. If your renovation included new wiring or a new electrical panel, the insurance company will view your home as safer. Renovations can save you up to 25%. Ask your agent at Stevens Insurance for tips if you are planning on renovating.


Cutting costs during retirement is important, and the mature insurance credit might help. Insurance companies understand that when one is retired you are spending more time at home and if there is a burst pipe the loss will be mitigated immediately instead of when you get home from work. The retirement credit can save you between 10% to 25%.

Upgrade your Sensors

Of course, you should always have the standard fire alarm and security system. However, there are new products on the market that an insurer will give you additional credit for. You can purchase water sensors that attach to appliances that will shut off the water source if there is a leak. These sensors will get you an additional 5%-10% in savings.

If you are in the Las Vegas, NV area and would like to learn more about credits, reach out to Stevens Insurance.

Preventing Premature Roof Failure

In Las Vegas, NV, your roof is safe from some of the most damaging things that can destroy roofs in colder climates. You won’t be seeing any ice dams or problems caused by snow weight. However, a Vegas roof is still exposed to nature, and with this exposure, there is always a chance for unexpected damage as well as normal wear.

Get Regular Roof Inspections

The key to preventing full roof failure is catching problems before they get too big. Having professionals go up and look at the roof on a regular basis is the easiest and safest way to ensure that these emerging issues are found in time for them to be affordably repaired. Professional eyes can also spot problems that a layman would overlook. Because of these things, Stevens Insurance recommends that you make sure to have the pros examine your roof, especially after storms and other potentially-damaging events.

Have Broken or Missing Concrete Tiles Replaced Right Away

High winds, storms that knock tree branches into the roof, and other stresses can take a tile or two off of a roof that is otherwise fine. Don’t let the small area of damage fool you into ignoring this problem! The tiles are there to protect the waterproof under layer of the roof, and when even one is missing, it will expose that layer to challenges it wasn’t designed to meet.

If you don’t have a tile roof, you should pay even more attention to damaged areas. Asphalt shingles, for example, can start failing after just 10-15 years. Missing or damaged shingles will make the roof require replacement even sooner, so hurry to get damaged areas patched.

Getting unexpected damage repaired can be easier with the right home insurance. Contact us at Stevens Insurance to discuss which policies are best for protecting your Las Vegas, NV home.

Does a Person Need Full Coverage Auto Insurance in Las Vegas, NV

Full coverage insurance is required by most lending agencies as long as there is any lien on the vehicle. Many car owners carry full coverage simply because it offers them the guarantee of another vehicle of the same value if the original is a total loss. Residents who live in Las Vegas, NV are not required to carry full coverage auto insurance on their own. They must, however, prove they have the minimum amount of coverage to drive legally according to Nevada law.

According to state law, Las Vegas, NV residents are required to carry a minimum amount of vehicle insurance referred to as 15/30/10. The 15/30/10 minimum breaks down to:

  • $15k per person of bodily injury coverage
  • $30k per accident of bodily injury coverage
  • $10k worth of property damage coverage

Residents must provide proof of this amount of coverage if they are stopped by the police, first plate their vehicle, or when the resident renews their tags each year. The right insurance agent can help residents find the right type of coverage that meets the state’s minimum requirements if they own their vehicle outright.

When a vehicle is paid off, and the owner receives the title, they no longer are required to carry full coverage insurance. Dropping from full coverage to PL/PD means losing the opportunity to be reimbursed for any property loss or medical bills that are the result of an accident. The state of Nevada uses an online verification system that can verify whether or not a person has insurance. It is extremely important to make sure the insurance remains in effect during the transition.

Contact Stevens Insurance today for more information. 


Home Insurance for Your Rental Property

As a property owner, you may feel the need to rent your property for a little extra cash. If you’ve decided to rent out a few of your homes or apartments, you’re going to need more than your standard homeowner’s insurance policy to cover your investments. You will need what’s known as landlord insurance.

What is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord insurance provides coverage for your rentals that includes property damage, liability, loss of income, and personal injury.

  • Property damage – If there is a storm, fire, vandalism, theft, or damages left by a tenant, property damage insurance is helpful coverage. This usually covers the building itself and not the property inside.
  • Liability insurance – Liability covers injuries that occur on your property. Accidents can happen, and whether it is your tenant or a visitor, liability can protect you from legal and medical costs associated with the individual’s injuries.
  • Loss of income – If you maintain a loss of income coverage, you may be covered for monthly rent you’ve lost. This usually becomes relevant when the property is uninhabitable due to storms or fires. Other covered reason will be included in your policy.
  • Personal injury protection – PIP protects you against libel, slander, wrongful eviction, and invasion of privacy claims made against you.

Other Things to Think About

The property inside of the apartment or house that belong to you, such as the microwave, stove, refrigerator, and washer and dryer may not be covered under your normal policy. Contact your insurance agent to make sure those items are covered, so you can get an adequate replacement value if they are damaged or destroyed.

You may also want to encourage your tenants to get renters insurance. In Las Vegas, NV, landlords insurance does not cover their personal property. Contact Stevens Insurance for more information. 

How To Prep Your Home For The Fall Months

Your Nevada home is going to experience some cooler weather in the fall. If you don’t prepare your home sufficiently, you could run into an array of problems. The good news is, a few simple preparatory things can ensure you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong in the fall or at any other time during the year.

Schedule Maintenance

Some basic maintenance should be scheduled. You will want to have your HVAC system checked on by a professional technician, and also gas lines if you have a furnace. This way, as the cold weather starts to arrive, you can be confident that your heat is going to work.

Handle Some Cleaning

Cleaning is important inside and out. Your gutters should be cleaned because you are going to deal with more leaves falling. If there are lots, you could end up with corrosion or rust, costing you a significant amount of money in repairs. If you have a fireplace, it should be cleaned as well, eliminating a chimney fire.

Create a Checklist

A simple checklist to go through in your home can make a world of a difference. You will want to make sure you check all of the smoke detectors to see if there are working and replace the batteries. You should also clean out your oven to avoid any kind of fire, and also check for fire extinguishers in various rooms of the home.

By taking a little bit of time to prep your home, you can avoid various issues. Remember, you don’t have to do everything alone. You can always call professionals and help you with home maintenance, cleaning, and various other components.

Learn how to enjoy peace of mind in Las Vegas with the right homeowner’s policy. Contact Stevens Insurance today to speak with an experienced insurance agent.


Is Your Home Underinsured?

Maintaining a homeowners’ policy isn’t a law in Las Vegas, NV. Mortgage lenders require that you have a policy that covers things such as damage or loss to the structure and property. In other words, that policy is a type of security for your loan. But you have a lot more invested into your home than just plaster and plywood, which is why at Stevens Insurance we work closely with people to create a policy that meets their individual needs.

One of the key areas where homeowners find themselves underinsured is personal property. When you first buy the house, you have a certain number of accumulated items. But over time, you amass more and more valuable items and it may be wise to update your coverage and push that coverage cap up. Beyond the coverage limits you set, being able to prove what was lost in a fire or burglary will be important for reimbursement. Consider these steps to ensure proper coverage.

  • Keep a record of expensive items that include jewelry, electronics, artwork, antiques and family heirlooms.
  • Create an inventory that reflects these items room by room
  • Keep copies of receipts and any appraisals
  • Write the model numbers and specific items on these receipts
  • Make a 360 video of your home and possessions
  • Take photographs of items in your home
  • Update the video once per year
  • Keep these records away from your home or in a fireproof safe

In terms of personal property, being fully insured means two basic things for homeowners — documentation and having a sufficient insurance ceiling. An insurance company may take a standard estimate for things like clothing that are damaged in a fire. But big ticket items generally require clear documentation for you to get reimbursed. These items are also the driving force behind burglaries and theft.

At Stevens Insurance, we serve the Las Vegas, NV, community and our professionals are available to discuss new policies or updating your existing coverage. It’s important that you don’t get caught underinsured in the event of a loss.

Getting the right Las Vegas, NV home insurance is very important

Las Vegas, NV is an amazing and unique city, and a lot of people only think of it for the casinos and nightlife. But there are many people who live in the city and call it home. If you’re one of them, you want to make sure you have good home insurance, so you’re protected financially from fire, break-ins, and other types of problems. One of the best ways to do that is to work with Stevens Insurance so you can talk to an independent agent. When you choose just one company to get a quote from, you could end up paying too much or simply not have a good quality insurance policy. Independent agents can help you avoid all that.

You don’t want to end up with bad home insurance, since your home is a significant investment. It needs to be protected in the right way, so you can have peace of mind when you live there. Otherwise, you’re going to be worried about what could happen instead of just enjoying the home you have. Because Las Vegas, NV is a place that is far different from a lot of other locations, you may want to focus on working closely with an agent so you can have the chance to keep your home insurance exactly what you want it to be as your needs change.

By working with an independent insurance agent at Stevens Insurance, you can get that personalized service that helps you stay ready for anything that could happen to your home. You may not be able to avoid something happening, but you can know that you’re financially covered and that there’s someone you can call who will help you get through a problem. That’s what independent agents do, and how they can really benefit you when you need home insurance.

4 Reasons to Start Your Home Insurance Policy Today

An area of the world that has long since become known for its dedication to the party scene, people who live in Vegas often work just as hard as they play. Indeed, although Las Vegas in unique in many respects, it is not immune to most of the rules and regulations placed on the rest of the country. With that said, the following is a closer look at 4 reasons to start your home insurance policy today. 

Many Banks Require it

First and foremost, many banks require that you acquire and maintain home insurance as a part of the terms given to secure the loan. By skipping the homeowner’s insurance, you may be putting your entire estate in jeopardy. 

When Disaster Strikes 
Moreover, every area of the globe has the potential to be hit with a major natural disaster without warning. By acquiring homeowner’s insurance beforehand, you are ensuring that your home is protected from even the most unfavorable circumstances. 

Home Away from Home 

In addition to that, having home insurance can even protect your home when you are away. No need to be anxious when you travel away from home. By purchasing the right homeowner’s insurance policy, you are ensuring that your home and belongings are safe, even when you are unable to protect them yourself. 

Equity Matters

Lastly, having homeowner’s insurance can help protect the equity of your home. Given that most mortgages are paid off over the course of many years, having a home insurance policy can help protect the value of your home despite some unfavorable market-related issues. 

Overall, if you are in Las Vegas, NV and are looking for high-quality home insurance, Stevens Insurance is the way to go. No matter what type of coverage you are seeking, one of our independent representatives will assist you and hopefully, help you save some cash in the process!